UK Judo Web Sites

Budokan Judo Club Croydon Judo Club Dorking Judo Club Guildford Judo Club O Do Ryu Judo Club Surrey Police Judo Club Sovereign Judo Club
A.J. Judo Club Biggin Hill Judo Club Brighton Judo Club Cobra Hill Judo Club Court Lane Judo Club Crewe Allstars Judo Club Crofton Judo Club Dartford Judo Club Empire Martial Arts Academy Erdington Judo Club Fleming Park Judo Club Harris Judo Club Holbrook Judo Club Hollesley Judo Club Horndean Hill Judo Club Ipswich Judo Club Isle of Man Judo Club JCS Judo Club Judokan Judo Club Kin Ryu Judo Club Kodomokai RH Judo Club Kyushindo Martial Arts Assoc Abingdon Kyushindo Martial Arts Assoc Portsmouth Northbrook Judo Club Parkwood Judo Club Pinewood Judo Club Poole Judo Club Portland judo Club Rainham Judo Club Sale Judo Club Southern Brent Judo Club Stanway Judo Club Towy Judo Club Wessex
  1. A.J. Judo Club Northwest
  2. Aireborough & Wharfedale Judo Club Leeds
  3. Ballater Judo Club Scotland
  4. Bellahouston Judo Club Glasgow
  5. Biggin Hill Judo Club Kent, Bromley
  6. Bingham Judokwai Midlands
  7. Brighton Judo Club
  8. Budokan Judo Club Frimley, Surrey
  9. Budokan Backwell Judo Club Backwell, North Somerset
  10. Burnley Judo Club (Brunokwai) Burnley
  11. Busen and Marley 64 Judo Clubs Essex Dagenham and Rainham
  12. Clacton Judo Club
  13. Cluarankwai Judo Club
  14. Cobra Judo Club Nottingham
  15. Court Lane Judo Club Hampshire
  16. Crewe Judo Club II Crewe, Cheshire
  17. Crewe Allstars Judo Club II Crewe, Cheshire
  18. Crofton Judo Club Fareham, Hants
  19. Croydon Judo Club Surrey
  20. Dartford Judo Kwai Dartford, Kent
  21. Doncaster Judo Club
  22. Dorking Judo Club Surrey
  23. Empire Martial Arts Academy Scarborough
  24. Edinburgh University Judo Club
  25. Erdington Judo Club Birmingham
  26. Fleming Park Hampshire, Eastleigh
  27. Glasgow Katana Judo Club
  28. Glasgow University Judo Club
  29. Goshindo Judo Club Lowestoft
  30. Grange Judo Club Hayes
  31. Grimsby Judo Club
  32. Guildford Judo Club
  33. Hamilton Judo Club Scotland
  34. Havering Judo Club Hornchurch, Essex
  35. Harris Judo Club Kent
  36. Highland and Culloden Judo Clubs Scotland
  37. Holbrook Judo Club Gosport, Hampshire
  38. Hollesley Judo Club Woodbrige, Suffolk
  39. Horndean Judo Club Hampshire
  40. Ipswich Judo Club Ipswich, Suffolk
  41. Isle of Man Judo Club
  1. Judokan London
  2. JSC Judo Club Essex
  3. Kettering Premier Judo Club Northamptonshire
  4. Kin Ryu Judo Club Crawley, Sussex
  5. Kodomokai RH Judo Club London SE20
  6. Kyushindo Martial Arts Association Abingdon
  7. Lancaster University Judo Club Lancaster
  8. Moving East Kyushinkai at Moving East
  9. Newcastle University Judo Club
  10. Northampton Timken Judo Club
  11. Northbrook Judo Club Southeast London
  12. Oaklands Judo Club Hampshire
  13. Parkwood Judo Club Rainham, Kent
  14. Pinewood judo Club Crowthorne, Berkshire
  15. Poole Bay Judo Club Dorset
  16. Pontardulais Judo Club Wales
  17. Portsmouth Kyu-Shin-Do Portsmouth
  18. Portland Judo Club , Nottingham
  19. Pyrford Judo Club Surrey
  20. Radcliffe and Basford Zen Judo Clubs Nottingham
  21. Rainham Judo Club Kent
  22. Ronin Do Judo Kai
  23. Ross on Wye Judo Herefordshire
  24. Sale Judo Club Cheshire
  25. Sheffield University Judo Club South Yorkshire
  26. Sheringham Judo Club Norfolk
  27. Sittingborne Judo Club Kent
  28. Solihull Judo Club Midlands
  29. Southampton University Judo Club
  30. South Brent Judo Club Devon
  31. Sovereign Judo Club Reigate, Surrey
  32. Stanway Judo Club , Essex
  33. Torbay Judo Club , Devon
  34. Towy Judo Club , Wales
  35. University of York York
  36. Wakefield Judo Club Wakefield
  37. Warrington Samurai Judo Club Warrington
  38. Wessex Judo Club
  39. Westcroft Judo Club Carshalton, Surrey
  40. Willesden Judo Club London
  41. Wivenhoe Judo Club Colchester

UK - Associations and Organisations

BJA Southern Area Amateur Judo Association British Aikido Association British Judo Association British Judo Council British Judo Council (MAC) British Schools Judo Association Judo Council Scottish National Judo Academy Welsh Judo Association Western Area
  1. BJA Midland Area
  2. BJA Northwest Area
  3. BJA Northern Home Counties
  4. BJA Southern Area
  5. BJA Southern Area - Hampshire county
  6. BJA Southern Area - Kent county
  7. BJA Southern Area - Surrey county !!
  8. BJA Southern Area - Sussex county
  9. British Judo Council Anglia Area
  10. British Judo Council Avon Area
  11. British Judo Council Cornwall Area
  1. British Judo Council South London Area
  2. British Schools Judo Association
  3. Judo for Special Needs / Disabilities
  4. Kent County Judo
  5. Manchester Judo Association
  6. Peterborough & Cambs Area BJC
  7. Scottish Judo Federation
  8. Scottish National Judo Academy
  9. Welsh Judo Association
  10. Yorkshire & Humberside Judo Association

International Judo Web Sites

AMCGL Judo Club Austrian Judo Federation European Judo Union French Judo Federation Hungarian Judo Federation Irish Judo Federation Luxemburg Martial Arts Federation Norwegian Judo Federation Polish Judo Federation Irish Judo Federation International Judo Federation Slovakian Judo Federation Slovenian Judo Federation Federacion Espanola de Judo
  1. AMCGL JC - Coye la foret,Gouvieux & Lamorlaye in France.
  2. American Judo and Jujitsu Federation
  3. Amsterdam Judo Club - Amsterdam, New York.
  4. Austrian Judo Federation
  5. Belgian Judo Federation
  6. Danish Judo Jujutsu Union
  7. European Judo Union
  8. Finnish Judo Association
  9. French Judo Federation
  10. German Judo Federation
  11. Hungarian Judo Federation
  12. International Judo Federation
  13. International Open of Vise - Belgium
  14. Irish Judo Association
  15. Italian Federation Judo
  16. Jacques Barthes Judo Club - Amsterdam, New York.
  17. Judo Central
  18. Judo Information Site - Neil Okhenkamp, California
  1. Judo NSW (New South Wales University) Australia
  2. Judo Ontario
  3. Judo SA (South Australlia) Inc.
  4. Kodokan Judo Institute
  5. Koksijde Judo Club Belgium
  6. Latvian Judo Federation
  7. Luxemburg Martial Arts Federation
  8. Norwegian Judo Federation
  9. Polish Judo Federation
  10. Portugese Judo Federation
  11. Royal Spanish Judo Federation
  12. Spain - Balearic Judo Federation
  13. Slovakian Judo Association
  14. Slovenian Judo Association
  15. Swedish Judo Association
  16. Swiss Judo Association
  17. United States Judo Inc.
  18. World Judo Organisation

General Judo/Sport Related Web Sites

  1. Japan 2001
  2. Manchester 2002 - The XVII Commonwealth Games
  3. Sport England
  4. Surrey Sports Development
  5. The World of Judo Magazine
  1. Womens Sports Foundation
  2. JudoGirl - Yawara website
  3. Kano Society
  4. Zen Judo
  5. Martial Arts Dojo Directory
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