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Judo Archived News for 2000

The Police National Championships

On Saturday 2nd December 2000 at the Police National Championships at High Wycombe, Surrey Police Judo Club won three medals.
Gary Liddle (-73kg) silver, Andy Grand (-81kg) veterans bronze, and Ray Blythe (-90kg) kyu grades bronze.

British Trials - Under 20's

On Saturday 2nd December at the Junior British Trials in Wolverhampton
Michael Seuke won Gold in the under 100kg section
Daniel Smith won Silver at under 73kg
both players putting in good performances to get rid of their disappointment of previous years at the Nationals
Hopefully Junior British flags will follow.

At under 55kg James Holmes won through to the 2nd round pool and Craig Finch fought hard but did not get past the first round
Daniel Goddard unfortunately did not make his weight and was unable to compete
James and Craig both put in good performances, especially as they will have another 4 or 5 years in this event
Valuable experience gained

British Senior Trials

On Sunday 3rd December at the Senior British Trials in Wolverhampton Rachel Wilding took 1st place in the womens under 70kg category.
She won all 7 fights by Ippon and completed a great day by throwing Amanda Costello for Ippon with Uchimata in her last contest.
Rachel also earnt 20 points towards her competitive 4th Dan during the day.

Graham Hoptroff

Junior Nationals at Crystal Palace on Sat/Sun 4-5th November 2000

Daniel Holmes won the Bronze medal in the under 34kg class (10+11yrs).
Issac Noto won the Bronze medal in the over 55kg class (12+13yrs).
Emma Robbings won the Bronze medal in the under 32kg class (10+11yrs).
5th places were earned by Steve Ellis (u38), Daniel Smith (u73), and Michael Seuke (+90).
Other Southern Area Team members included Kieran Rice, James Holmes, Daniel Goddard and George Ellis.
Well done to everyone representing the Southern Area, in what is the toughest competition on the junior calendar - GH.

Gold at the Canadian Open on the 28th October

Rachel Wilding won the Gold medal in the under 70kg class. Amazingly her first round match was again with Jana Grenzdorfer, the German that had beaten her in the US Open. This time Rachel turned the tables to win and go on to take the Gold and the Canadian Open title beating Pamela Wilson of Canada in the final (G Hoptroff). See the Pragma Sports web site full full details.

Millennium League Final Results - September 24th 2000

The Final round of the Millennium League was held at Westcroft on Sunday 24th September 2000. It was a very close competition with Pyrford JC managing to make up a 54 point difference with the 1st placed club Westcroft JC, to go onto win the Top Club Trophy.
Well done Pyrford !
The Pyrford Judo Club winning team

Check out the Pyrford website for the latest results.

The Olympics - latest judo news

16 SeptJohn BuchananMen's -60kgPool A 2nd round - O Penas (Sp) bt J Buchanan (GB) yusei-gachi (kata-guruma)
Gold medal: T Nomura (Jp), Silver: Bu-Kyung Jung (Ko), Bronze: M Poulot (Cuba)
 Victoria DunnWomen's -48kgPool B 1st round V Dunn (GB) bt N Kuligina (Kyrgyzstan) yusei-gachi (tai-otoshi)
2nd round - L Brouletova (Rus) bt V Dunn ippon (o-uchi-gari)
Gold medal: R Tamura (Jp), Silver: L Brouletova (Rus), Bronze: A M Gradante (Ger) & A Simons (Bel)
17 SeptDavid SomervilleMen's -66kgD Somerville (GB) bt MA Moreno Mendoza (ESA) ippon (udi-hishigi-juji-gatame), L Benboudaoud (Fr) bt D Somerville (sumi-gaeshi)
Gold Medal: H Ozkan (Tur), Silver: L Benboudaoud (Fr), Bronze: G Viovinazzo (Ita) &: G Vazagashvili (Geo)
 Deborah AllanWomen's -52kgD Allen failed to make the weight
Gold medal: L Verdicia (Cub), Silver: N Narazaki (Jp), Bronze: S Kye (Prk) & Y Liu (Chn)
18 SeptCheryle PeelWomen's -57kgK Kusakabe (Jp) bt C Peel (GB) waza-ari-awasete-ippon (seoi-nage)
Gold Medal: I Fernandez (Sp), Silver: D Gonzalez (Cub), Bronze: K Kusakabe (Jp) & M Pekli (Aus)
19 SeptGraeme RandallMen's -81kgG Randall (GB) bt A Arous (Tun) ippon (kuchki-taoshi), K Sarikhani (IRI) bt G Randall
Gold Medal: M Takimoto (Jp), Silver: I Cho (Kor), Bronze: A Budolin (Est) & N Delgado (Por)
 Karen RobertsWomen's -63kgK Roberts (GB) bt K Rodriguez (Cub) (seoi-nage), S Dhahri (Tun) bt K Roberts ippon (Kuzure-kesa-gatame), A von Rekowski (Ger) bt K Roberts in 1/4 final
Gold Medal: S Vandenhende (Fr), Silver: S Li (Chn), Bronze: S Jung (Kor) & G Vandecaveye (Bel)
20 SeptKate HoweyWomen's -70kgK Howey (GB) bt DY Krukower (Arg) waza-ari-awasete-ippon (kuchiki-taoshi), K Howey bt E Bosch (NB), Kate Howey bt U Martin (Sp) ippon (ude-hishigi-juji-gatame), S Veranes (Cub) bt K Howey waza-ari (tani-otoshi)
Gold Medal: S Veranes (Cub), Silver: Kate Howey (GB), Bronze: MS Cho (Kor) & Y Scapin (It)
21 SeptChloe CowenWomen's -78kgC Cowen (GB) bt L Laveti (Fij) waza-ari-awasete-ippon, SM Richter (Rom) by C Cowen ippon (kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame)
Gold Medal: L Tang (Chn), Silver: C Lebrun (fra), Bronze: E Pierantozzi (Ita) & SM Richter (Rom)
22 SeptKarina BryantWomen's +78kgK Bryant (GB) bt AM Diop (Sen) ippon (tsurikomi-goshi), C Cicot (Fra) bt K Bryant chui(penalties)
Gold Medal: H Yuan (Chn), Silver: DM Beltran (Cub), Bronze: SY Kim (Kor) & M Yamashita (Jpn)

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Trevor Leggett

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Trevor Leggett (27.8.1914 - 2.8.2000) - patron of the Kano Society.
See the Kano Society web site for full details.

BAA Gatwick Surrey Youth Games Results

Behind the scenes
Contestants, officials, team coaches all working hard to make the Surrey Youth Games a success for all.
Check out the Pyrford website for the results.

The next Surrey Youth Games will be held in June 2001.

BJA Surrey Web Site

This web site will be maintained regularly.
Any amendments to Club details should be passed to Andy Grand. Other information for the web site or newsletters to Chris Crook and Tony Wheeler.

National Kata Course

Last year's Kata Course run by Mike Leigh was reported to be a big success. See events page for the next course on 7th April 2001.
Below is a photo of the group who attended.
August National Kata Course

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