BJA Southern Area - Surrey County

Judo Archived News for 2002

Results from the recent Nationals

Surrey has been active in a number of National competitions recently.
Checkout the Southern Area website for the full results.

British Senior Closed
-100 Andrew Ede (Westcroft JC) Silver
-66 Gareth Carder (Camberley JC) 5th
-57 Alison Wills (Camberley JC) 5th
-78 Rachel Wilding (Camberley JC) Gold
+78 Karina Bryant (Camberley JC) Gold, Simone Callender (Tokei) Silver

British Youth Closed
+78 Rhonda Sturley (Yoshin Ryu) Bronze
-80 Matthew Monohan (Camberley JC) Silver
-73 Daniel Commerford (Camberley JC) Bronze

Closed Senior Championships
Kyu Grades
-73 Craig Littlewood (Westcroft JC) Silver
-90 Paul Scobles (Sovereign JC) Silver
Dan Grades
-66 Paul Franklin (Camberley JC) Bronze
-90 Alan Kentish (Westcroft JC) Bronze
-52 Jo Brand (Croydon JC) Silver
+78 Katrina McDonald (Croydon JC) Silver

The National Age Banded Championships
Girls Band A
-44 Collen Rice (Pyrford JC) 5th
-48 Kerry Ford (Westcroft JC) Silver
+48 Molly Crook (Dorking JC) 5th
Girls Band B
-57 Katie Dean (Westcroft JC) Bronze
Girls Band C
-70 Sarah Commerford (Camberley JC) Bronze
Girls Band E
-63 Dawn Wilkins (Camberley JC) Gold
-78 Katrina McDonald (Croydon JC) Bronze
+78 Rhonda Sturley (Yoshin Ryu) Bronze
Boys Band A
-27 Sam Hughes (Camberley JC) Bronze
-30 Robert McCullum (Pyrford JC) 5th
-42 Joe Booth (Pyrford JC) Bronze
+46 Neil Schofield (Pyrford JC) Bronze
Boys Band B
-55 Liam Mcintosh (Pyrford JC) Bronze
Boys Band D
-90 Glynn Sturley (Yoshin Ryu) Bronze
-73 Daniel Commerford (Camberley) Silver
-81 Matthew Monaghan (Camberley JC) Gold
Boys Band E
-73 Jerome Purrier (Wimbledon JC) Silver

Junior Open - orange belt & below
Boys Red/White Belt
-38 Brievl Lehman (Senshu Ryu) Bronze
-42 Alex Miller (Westcroft JC) Silver
-46 Robert Allen (Westcroft JC) Silver, Sean Snow (Sovereign JC) Bronze
-50 Jason Pearman (Sovereign JC) Gold, Ross Saxby & James Enright (Camberley JC) Bronze
Boys Yellow Belt
-38 Robert Fleming (Westcroft JC) Bronze
Boys Orange Belt
-34 Liam Frankum
-40 Hannah Tierman (Westcroft JC) Silver
-52 Kirstie Cull (Croydon JC) Bronze

Millennium League Final Round - 27th October 2002 - Westcroft Leisure Centre

The Final round of the Millennium League was held at Westcroft on Sunday 27th October 2002. Pyrford JC team romped home again winning 1st place and Top Club Trophy with a massive 368 points, with Westcroft JC 2nd on 178.
This was the 3rd time in succession Pyrford has won the trophy !
Well done Pyrford... again !!
The Pyrford Judo Club winning team

Check out the Pyrford website for the full results.
During the day, the spectators, officials and players were honoured by the presence of Samantha Lowe, the Commonwealth Games 2002 GOLD medal winner. She handed out the medals, and spent some time after the event signing autographs. It would have been especially nice for Sam to hand over the Top Club Trophy to Pyrford as she spent several years there as a junior before she moved on to Camberley JC to train as a senior.
Those who stayed on late to help with putting away the mats were honoured a 2nd time with the presence of Simone Callender, Surrey's other Commonwealth Games 2002 GOLD medal winner. Unfortunately she had got stuck for several hours in traffic on the M25 but battled on and still made it to the event to sign a few autographs for those that had waited ! Both Sam and Simone have fought as juniors in Surrey. Sam for Guildford and then Pyrford as recently as 1997, and Simone always for Tokei.
Kieran Rice collecting the Top Club Trophy from Sam Lowe   Sheila Hearsey presenting Simone Callender with an award

Camberley JC at the USA & Canadian Opens 2002

Camberley JC took a team out to the USA and Canadian Opens and came away with a hat full of medals.
Canadian Open
Samantha Smithson -52kg Bronze
Jenny Brien -57kg Bronze
Samantha Lowe -70kg Bronze
Rachel Wilding -78kg Gold
John Buchanan -60kg Bronze
Lee McGrorty -73kg Bronze
Luke Preston -81kg Gold
USA Open
Samantha Lowe -70kg Gold
Karina Bryant +78kg Gold
Luke Preston -81kg 5th place

The October BJA Surrey newsletter is out now !

Copies of the newsletter can be obtained at Surrey judo events, from this website's Newsletters page or from Chris Crook.

Westcroft Saturday 26th October

Dear all
It's time again for my usual plea.
Please please please lend a hand with the mats for Sundays competition.
Help from you or any club members will be very much appreciated as many hands make light work.

The times when your efforts will be very welcome are:-
Saturday 26th Oct.
2100 hrs ( 9.00 pm) to load mats at Croydon Judo Club
2200 hrs (10.00pm) to lay mat areas at Westcroft Leisure Centre

Please try to help or get some other members to come along. don't let it be the same faces doing all the work.

Many thanks in anticipation,

Graham Beagley
Competition organiser.

ps. Sorry its going to be a late night but westcroft have a basketball match on that does not finish until 10.00 pm
Note the time change from earlier posted note

USA Open 12-13th October 2002

Camberley Judo Club had several players competing at the US open in Las Vegas.
Luke Preston (Commonwealth Games Bronze for Wales) -81kg just missed out on the medals with a 5th place.
However, Samantha Lowe (Commonwealth Games GOLD) won GOLD in the -70kg and Karina Bryant won GOLD in the +78kg.

Dorking Judo Club - Coach wanted

Dorking Judo Club are looking to increase their number of judo sessions and are looking for an extra coach.
Anyone interested should contact Jill on 01342 317909 or by email.

London Senior Open - Willesden

Surrey veterans were active at Willesden Sports Centre for the London Senior Open on Sunday 11th August 2002.
Mark Pooley (Wimbledon Judo Club) -66kg SILVER
Brian Curran (Wimbledon Judo Club) -90kg BRONZE

Southern Area Medal Winners

In the World Masters Championships held in Londonderry Ireland, the South were well respresented.
GOLD : Mandy Humphrey -48kg, Claire Greenwood +78kg
SILVER : Sarah Hopkins -70kg
BRONZE : Jackie Callinan -63kg, Jacquie Lloyd -70kg, Jennie Earle -78kg

In the Junior National Team event the South won the silver medal, beating teams from the West, Wales, and the North, before losing to the Northern Home Counties.
The team consisted of Rebecca Stevens, Alice Welsh, Chloe Ballard, Victoria Holmes, Katy Sumner, Katie Hill, Sarah Patterson, Naomi James, Nicola Jarrett, Melissa Mead, and Gemma Gibbons.

Commonwealth Games 2002 Judo Day 3

Surrey Girls on top of the world !
Sam Lowe (Camberley JC) -70kg took the GOLD in style, eventually beating her Canadian opponent Roberge in the final with a strangle. The Semi-Final round had seen her beat Amanda Costello (Scotland) in a very feisty match in which Sam kept her cool.
See article from Surrey Advertiser

Sam Lowe is Commonwealth Champion 2002!

Simone Callender (Tokei) +78kg won the GOLD via the preliminary rounds earlier in the day. She was unfortunate in that she missed the chance of being able to compete in front of the crowds in an actual Final due to the small number of competitiors in her weight group. The crowd made up for it with a huge cheer when she collected her medal in the ceremony below

Simone collects her GOLD

GOLD was also won by Michele Rodgers -78kg. Daniel Sergent +100kg and Sam Delahay -100kg both won SILVER
By the end of the third and last day, England had won 8 GOLDs, 4 SILVER, 1 BRONZE and a 5th place from a possible 14 titles.
Did any other sport match that record at the games?!
England Team results are;
Craig Fallon (G), James Warren (G), Lee Burbridge (5th), Thomas Cousins(S), Winston Gordon (G), Sam Delahay (S), Daniel Sergent(S).
Clare Lynch (S), Georgina Singleton (G), Sophie Cox (B), Karen Roberts (G), Samantha Lowe (G), Michelle Rogers (G), Simone Callender (G).
Other Surrey players winning medals were Jenny Brien (Camberley JC) -57kg SILVER for Scotland, Lee McGrorty (Camberley JC) -73kg BRONZE for Scotland, and Luke Preston (Camberley JC) -81kg BRONZE for Wales.

Alan Rickard being interviewed on camera

Another Surrey person at the Games was Alan Rickard (6th Dan). He had decided to make this competition his last refereeing one at International level. He was interviewed on camera in front of the crowds on the last day by K Willingham, where we learnt that he has been involved in judo since 1960 !

Checkout the Manchester 2002 - The XVII Commonwealth Games website for the full results.

Commonwealth Games 2002 Judo Day 2

Medals galore again for the England Judo team !
Karen Roberts -63kg GOLD, Winnie Gordon -90kg GOLD, Tom Cousins -81kg SILVER and Sophie Cox -57kg BRONZE
Lee Burbridge -73kg just missed out on a bronze
Surrey player Lee McGrorty (Camberley JC) -73kg won a BRONZE for Scotland.
Checkout the Manchester 2002 - The XVII Commonwealth Games website for the latest results and commentary

Commonwealth Games 2002 Judo Day 1

Medals galore for the England Judo team !
Craig Fallon -60kg GOLD, James Warren -66kg GOLD
Clare Lynch -48kg SILVER, Georgina Singleton -52kg GOLD
John Buchanan (Camberley JC) fighting for Scotland had a bad day, losing to Craig Fallon the eventual GOLD medal winner in his opening contest and then losing his next.
Checkout the Manchester 2002 - The XVII Commonwealth Games website for the latest results and commentary

Commonwealth Games 2002

The full Team England judo squad consists of;
Craig Fallon, James Warren, Lee Burbridge, Thomas Cousins, Winston Gordon, Sam Delahay, Daniel Sergent
Clare Lynch, Georgina Singleton, Sophie Cox, Karen Roberts, Samantha Lowe, Michelle Rogers, Simone Callender
The judo action takes place at the G-MEX Centre, beginning on 30 July and concluding on 1 August.
Watch out for for our Surrey players Samantha Lowe (Camberley JC) and Simone Callender (Tokei)
Also fighting from Surrey, but in the Scottish Team are John Buchanan (Camberley JC) and Lee McGrorty (Camberley JC).
Checkout the Manchester 2002 - The XVII Commonwealth Games website for the latest results and commentary

Surrey County Coaching Course

There is a coaching course being held at Guildford JC on Sunday 6th & 20th October 2002.
See Booking Form for details.

Millennium League Round 2 Results - Westcroft Leisure Centre Saturday July 14th 2002

The results of the 2nd round of the Surrey league can now be found at the Pyrford Website

Technical session with Seth Birch

There was a Technical session with Seth Birch (BJA Technical Director) at CROYDON JC Tuesday 9th July at 1930
All coaches and players were welcome to attend.
This was a Coach Revalidation Event.
Please note that this Session is incorrectly advertised in the July County Newsletter as being on the 16th July.

Westcroft Sunday 14th July

Dear all

It's time again for my usual plea.
Please please please lend a hand with the mats for Sundays competition.
Help from you or any club members will be very much appreciated as many hands make light work.

The times when your efforts will be very welcome are:-
Saturday 13th July
1900 hrs ( 7.00 pm) to load mats at Croydon Judo Club
2000 hrs (8.00pm) to lay mat areas at Westcroft Leisure Centre

Please try to help or get some other members to come along. don't let it be the same faces doing all the work.

many thanks in anticipation

Competition organiser.

Mini-Bus for Sale

The Sovereign JC have a mini-bus for sale.
Anyone interested should click on the details

Surrey Youth Games June 8th 2002

Here all the full u11 results and o11 results from the Surrey Youth Games.
Watch this space for more photos of the event.

South of England Championships at Crystal Palace Sunday 9th June 2002

Joe Williams (Camberley JC) o100kg and Charmaine Thompson (Camberley JC) u63kg both won silver medals, and Melissa Mead (Croydon JC) u70kg bronze in the Dan/1st Kyu grade competitions.
Andy Grand (Surrey Police JC) u81kg won gold, and Brian Curran (Wimbledon JC) u90kg bronze in the vetrans +35.
Matthew Angel (Tokei) u81kg won a bronze in the kyu grade competition.
Well done to you all!
Click here for the full results

Personal Safety Advisors Course

Rob Murly is holding a PSA course at Croydon Judo Club on the 13-14th July 2002.
The course is being run by Matt Clempner 6th Dan B.J.A. National P.S.A. Co-ordinator.
See the flyer for further information, or contact Rob via Croydon Judo Club.

Southern Area Boys Squad Training - June 16th 2002

There will be a Southern Area boys squad training at Dartford Judo Club, Lowfield Street, Dartford, Kent on Sunday 16th June from 2pm - 4pm.
The session will be run by Alan Roberts 7th Dan.
Due to an impossibly full calendar the next Surrey session will be arranged sometime after that date.
Letters will be sent out when a suitable date has been found.

Graham Hoptroff

Sam Lowe - Commonwealth Games?

If the rumours are true in Thursday's newspapers, Camberley Judo Club's Sam Lowe has been selected for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Sam won a gold at the British open, and was selected for the European Championships this May and came 5th.
Watch this space for more information.

2002 European Judo Championships

The 2002 European Championships were held in Maribor, Slovenia from May 16th to 19th 2002.
Although the British Womens Team won the Silver medal, most of our GB players just missed out on the individual medals, apart from Georgina Singleton who won the gold in the -52kg, and Karen Roberts who won Silver in the -63kg.
Several Surrey players were taking part, including John Buchanan -60kg (7th), Karina Bryant open (7th), and Sam Lowe -70kg (5th).
Other players who were just outside of the medals were Winston Gordon, who kindly came along to the Southern Area Festival of Judo and took part in a 5 to 1 challange, which he won of course, came 5th in the -90kg.
Joanna Melon came 5th in the -78kg, and Sophie Cox 7th in the -57kg.
Checkout the IJF website for full details and photos.

Surrey Mirror - Judo News May 16th 2002

Checkout the following article in the Surrey Mirror on our Camberley judoka who are gearing up for the European Championships in Slovenia.

Festival of Judo & Southern Area Inter Counties Team Challange at Crystal Palace on May12th 2002

Surrey Team

Hundreds turned up for the Inter Counties Team Challange and the Festival of Judo at Crystal Palace.
Watch this space for a more detail report with photos.
The results for the Inter Counties Challange are;

Surrey Trials at Westcroft April 28th 2002


The full junior and senior results of the Surrey Trials are now on the Pyrford website.
The trials was one of the most competitive yet with a 50% increase in entries on last year.
Total of 180 entries!!!! Well done if you took a medal.

Southern Area AGM - Meeting Postponed until May 22nd 2002

Please note that the meeting was going to be on the 1st of May and is now postponed until May 22nd 2002

Help Required with Mats on Saturday Evening 27th April 2002

Dear All

Your help would be most welcome in laying mats for the trials.

If you are available to help either at Croydon Judo Club to load mats at 7.30 pm
or at Westcroft Leisure Centre to lay mats at 8.15 pm on Saturday 27th April.
your assistance would be most welcome.

Thanks in anticipation.

Graham Beagley
Competition organiser

British Open at Crystal Palace April 20/21st 2002

Surrey club players Samantha Lowe (Camberley JC) won gold and John Buchanan (Camberley JC) won bronze at the British Open this weekend.
Simone Callender (Tokei) narrowly missed out on the medals with a 5th place.
Click here full the full results.

Helpers required !

We need helpers to run the Surrey County Stand at the Festival of Judo at Crystal Palace on Sunday 12th May 2002.
Give John Bushnell a call on 020 8657 0605 if you think you can spare an hour or so.

BSJA National Individual Championships - Wolverhampton

Katie Dean won silver in the girls U52 Kilos (age 11 to 13 years) category of the BSJA National Individual Championship at Wolverhampton on Saturday 13th April representing her school Cheam High/Surrey.

Mates the Musical - Landor Theatre 10th April to 4th May 2002

"Mates" is new play that featured at the 2001 Edinburgh Festival, with Judo as one of its themes. The play, entitled: Mates - A Play with Music, is lively and contemporary in style and includes a number of gritty rock-songs.
It will be showing at the Landor Theatre, 70 Landor Road in Clapham from April 10th to May 4th 2002 (Box Office 0207 737 7276).
Click on the flyer for more details.
Reg and Stu from Mates

South of England Junior/Youth and Vets Championships at Crystal Palace

The South of England Championships was held at Crystal Palace on Sunday 17th March 2002.
Surrey players picked up 5 GOLD, 1 SILVER and 8 BRONZE medals in what was a very tough competition.
Joe Williams (Camberley JC and coach at Wimbledon YMCA) won gold in the Vets +35 (+100kg) after an an impressive kuzure-kesa-gatame from which his opponent immediately submitted, and he nearly knocked himself out!
Joe Williams' winning holddown Joe Williams with Gold medal

Other medal winners included;
YOUNG WOMEN BORN 1984/1985 - JODI PARSONS (Camberley JC) -63kg GOLD, MELISA MEAD (Tokei/Croydon JC) -70kg GOLD, KATRINA McDONALD (Croydon JC) +70kg GOLD
VETERAN OVER 35 - MICHAEL WHITE (Wimbledon YMCA) -81kg SILVER, ANDY GRAND (Surrey Police JC) -81kg BRONZE, CHRIS MOON (Sovereign JC) +100kg BRONZE

BJA Surrey AGM

The BJA Surrey Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 24th Feb at Surrey Police Headquarters, Mount Browne, Sandy Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1HG.
There was a Coaching Seminar held at Mount Browne earlier in the morning (Sports Hall) followed by the BJA Surrey County AGM in the afternoon at 3pm in the Lecture Theatre
During the Coaching Seminar, Ellen Cobb (Guildford JC coach), was presented with confirmation of her 8th Dan (Red/White belt) by Gordon Mortimer (BJA Southern Area President 6th Dan), and Alan Rickard (BJA Surrey President 6th Dan).
This makes Ellen, one of the highest graded female judoka in Europe !
Ellen Cobb with Alan Rickard and Gordon Mortimer

Preliminary Coaches

As from this year, Preliminary Club Coaches should not be running classes on their own, as they are not covered on the BJA insurance.

They can work in an assistant coach situation only, with a Club Coach or above in overall control.

Preliminary Club Coaches should be working towards their Club Coach award as soon as possible.

BJA HQ are now not revalidating coaches who have not obtained the required 4 activity signatures on their coaching cards in the year just ended.

Coaches who have difficulty this year can contact me for advice, but in future, all coaches must be sure to get their cards signed at activities they attend, to ensure continued revalidation, and maintain the BJA Insurance.

Alan Roberts
Area Technical Director
07956 917576.

Commonwealth Games July/August 2002 Tickets

Tickets are now available for the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Check out the website or ring 0870 162 2002 for ticket availability. Note that there are only some 3,500 judo tickets available, so as you can imagine they are going fast !

New Dan Grades

Rhonda Sturley (Yoshin Ryu) was promoted to 1st Dan towards the end of last year. Andy Grand (Surrey Police JC) has just been promoted to 3rd Dan. Well done to you both.

Surrey Millennium League Round 1 2002 Results - Westcroft Leisure Centre

Checkout this link to the Pyrford JC website for the results.

South Coast Mini-Mons Open at Worthing Leisure Centre 20-01-2002

Plenty of our younger Surrey players were in form on January 20th at Worthing, winning 2 GOLD, 3 SILVER, and 4 BRONZE medals.

-36kg Colleen Rice (Pyrford) GOLD, Carly Blythe (Pyrford) SILVER, Elizabeth Norris (Croydon) BRONZE
-52kg Katie Dean (Senshu Ryu - Cheam)GOLD
-57kg Abi Butterworth (Pyrford) SILVER
-30kg Luke McShane (Westcroft) SILVER
-50kg Chris Holister (Pyrford) BRONZE
-60kg Neil Schofield (Pyrford) BRONZE
-66kg Matthew O'Leary (Pyrford) BRONZE

Well done to all of you !

Surrey Mini-Mons & Grading at Westcroft - Help Required

Dear All

As usual this is a request for help.

If you or any of your club members can lend a hand with the collection and laying of mats it would be most appreciated.

Due to there being a basketball match on at Westcroft on Saturday evening our normal procedures have been hindered so if you can be at any of the times and places below it would be most helpful.

LAY MATS AT WESTCROFT FROM 9.30 PM (after basketball)

If you could let me know if you are available it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation


Akira Kurosawa

January - February 2002 the National Film Theatre launches its 50th anniversary year with a major retrospective of the films of Akira Kurosawa, one of the greatest film-makers of 20th century, perhaps the best known of all Japanese directors and a true master of cinema.
Unfortunately the director's debut films "Sugata Sanshiro", and "Zoku Sugata Sanshiro" were shown earlier in the year.
"Sugata Sanshiro" introduced the first Kurosawa hero: a feckless judo champ who discovers social responsibility and finds illumination in a lotus pond. Little by little Sanshiro learns the truth about life and in the celebrated climax on the windswept heath he finds that strength is not enough - but endurance is.
"Zoku Sugata Sanshiro" was based on the success of Kurosawa's first film. Wirey, wiley judo champ Sanshiro takes on a massive mindless American boxer. Once again there is a furious final fight, in the snow this time, but the interest is not now on our hero and his evolving conscience but in the masterful way Kurosawa deploys his pictorials.
However, there are still plenty of Kurosawa's other films to see, including "Seven Samurai".

Pyrford Judo Club Easter holiday course

Pyrford Judo Club will be holding an Easter holiday course from 2nd April to 5th April for 1 and a half hours each morning.
Cost is £20 per child for the 4 days.
See this poster for more details.
Map for Pyrford JC

Old Newsletters on Web site

All the old BJA Surrey Newsletters since 1997 have now been loaded to the web site.
Unfortunately number 12 (October 1999) is missing. If you have a copy can you send/email it to me please so that I can get it loaded - Chris Crook.

Whoa - we went to Barbados!

Andy Grand, Richard Stothard and Gary Liddle travelled with the British Police judo squad out to Barbados to take part in the first ever Independence Day Tournament. With representatives from Canada, USA, Saint Maartens, Dominican Republic and Barbados, the event was never going to be easy. Gary was unable to compete as he had an eye operation just 8 days before we left for the Caribbean but all credit too him for trudging all that way to support his colleagues. After some very intensive training on the beach and in the bar, the event took place in 30 degrees and no air conditioning. Both Andy and Richard were placed into the same category and therefore met with Andy finishing on top. Richard continued on but finished in fifth place, just outside the medals. Andy avenged the defeat against his old foe from West Yorkshire, who beat him at the PAA's in September, to make it through to the final. Despite the first score, Andy lost the bout to a 5th dan, but finished with a well deserved and unexpected silver medal. The British squad finished the event with 5 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals as well as a trophy for the best judo player on the day (Neil Read - Cheshire). The return visit is already being planned for 2003.
Andy Grand

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